Friday, March 6, 2015

Solotor C2E2 2015 Exclusive from Extra Truckestrial Customs

My buddy Tim Harrison, aka Extra-Truckestrial Customs, aka ETC Toys, makes some of the most far out (pun, possibly intended) resin creations in the known world, and Nerd City is extremely excited to announce that we're going to have one of his pieces exclusively available at our booth at C2E2 this year! Mashing up a vintage Skeletor with Han Solo in Carbonite, The Solotor is a 6" tall piece of hand cast resin and will be available in 30 different one-off colors, effects, and finishes! And, at $15 a pop, how can you go wrong?
The Solotor will be available at Nerd City's booth in The Block at C2E2 (April 24-26th in Chicago).

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