Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Buddahtor C2E2 2015 Exclusive from Lord Chaos x ETC Toys

Our friends from Lord Chaos Creations and ETC Toys collaborate on this resin figure. 
Edition of 20 different 1/1 colorways. $8 each. Available exclusively at Nerd City's booth #760 in The Block at C2E2.
From Lord Chaos:
The Dark Lord of Destruction has finally found enlightenment... Maybe now HE has the power? Collaboration piece between ETC Toys and Lord Chaos Creations, this pocket sized Buddhator is hand cast in resin at the Lord Chaos lair, and will be exclusively available at the Nerd City booth - marking his official debut! bagged and tagged with a hand made header. 20 pieces available! Only a mere $8!

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